Ensuring visibility and efficiency in approval process

Xeproof- Online artwork approval system, is an alternative for efficient and timely management of artworks right up to it’s process completion in all aspects. It brings along greater productivity and high visibility. Everyone gets time to focus on their core tasks, system manage the mundane process activities like documentation, status updates, reminders, report generation etc. This changes a reactive process into a more proactively managed process with higher predictability.

Xeproof delivers superior advantages

  • Collaboration for artwork approval in real time from anywhere
  • Avoids delay in transporting and circulating proofs to each approvers
  • Easy to collaborate and communicate Comments
  • Traceable, efficient and well defined work flow throughout
  • Total transparency and responsibility tracking for the process
  • Systematic briefing and review remarks to agency; Black ‘n’ White approach
  • Precise work order generation, specific to the product
  • Workflow customizable to suit your company style
  • Step by step process, record of who does it and when
  • Unique proofing and annotation workflow
  • Review with version management, archiving of comments
  • Complete status reports of work order and artworks
  • Template features to save time on artwork initiation
  • Reduces cycles for packaging artwork finalising
  • Assuring shorter ‘Time- to -Market’ for products
  • Quick access to all work orders, templates and artwork
  • Powerful search module – artworks are just easy to locate, archive and retrieve

Extended benefits of Xeproof

Feature rich and simple to manage

Xeproof has everything that need to manage the complete cycle of artwork approval and , it is most suitable for companies produce large number of artworks. The system seamlessly interconnect the Company, Brands, Products, Product Category, Product Category, which in turn provides totally flexible features to accommodate the structure of a company.