Repository of Artworks

The Xeproof – artwork approval solution also doubles up as a Digital Asset Management System for approved artworks with all interim version available for audit and repurpose it for various other needs. The artwork assets repository can be used to quickly find the artworks of any brands, based on pack type, SKU, approval date or any connected search tag.

This in effect controls the initiation of artworks, assure visibility to all stake holders, to make sure they really need to initiate for a new artwork. The artwork assets also help to share artworks, that help in designing new projects, also used as a reference to approve new artworks.

There is a search feature that helps to retrieve the artworks of a particular brand with more fields like product category, initiated between, initiated by, approval date range, artwork type etc. Also for packaging specific jobs, more details like SKU, packaging types etc. shall also be used for search.

The system can also allow to download the versions in between, if that is required. The list of approvers, and comments done by approvers, summary of approval/rejection etc. can be referred in the system easily.