Artwork Initiation

The artwork initiation process is the briefing to the designer about the artwork to be produced. Creating request for an artwork, description of brand/product with all details connected with it, instructions to the designer, contents to be placed in the artwork; brand oriented, regulatory, scientific or company specific, brief about the design concept, creative approach, attachments of text, images, reference artworks, reason for the artwork, Approvers of the artwork, deadline info etc. are covered in this part.

The systematic information at the briefing stage allows the designer to create the artwork exactly to the instructions. This will help to have the perfect artwork at the first instance itself.

Also the deadlines of artwork can be added. The form can be filled in and saved to draft. It can be filled by a team member and a senior team member can verify and initiate it.

Xeproof has a form builder tool to create the artwork initiation form, which is a flexible tool that can create a new form, also copy another form already created. It also has features to edit; Add/Remove an item from all combinations or a group selected. This powerful feature helps to manage the initiation form building to be managed by Administrator.