Compare Versions & Text

Comparison between various versions of artworks and verification of texts in an artwork version against the intended text file or with the previous versions helps the approvers to easily detect mistakes and to avoid inadvertent errors from designer’s end.

The features has three parts; Version comparison by placing two artwork versions side by side, Text comparison, and Overlay feature by placing one version on top of another.

Version compare by placing side by side:

Automated detection of variations from both side are highlighted and they can be made to blink to easily identify the areas of change. Any changes in colour or position, missing elements, addition of elements, size variations etc can be identified using this feature. It also allows comparing an artwork against another artwork if the size and coordinates of both are same.

Overlay of Artwork Versions:

Another version of an artwork or another artwork itself (If size and coordinates are same) can be brought over to the artwork. Then using the transparency slider, the opacity can be changes for one layer so that any mistakes could be easily identified.

Text Comparison:

The text comparison allows conducting an automated check between the texts in two versions and texts of an artwork version with the text given in the work order form. The difference in spelling, missing text, or addition of text are identified and displayed in the panel. The approver can detect any variance and mark corrections to be made.

Additional features like Spell check also can be integrated as part of customization, which is not included in the standard version and pricing.