Deployment Models

Xeproof is available primarily on two models for implementation. On- Premise and SAAS based deployment are available, Client can choose the best model suitable to them. Features and modules are one and the same for both the models.

On-premise Model: The client who prefers to host the application their own data centre can opt for this model. The application will be implemented at the servers provided by the client. The server specifications are available for reference. The server infrastructure, management of servers, security are managed by the Client. The application can be either restricted to the internal network of the client or it can be extended to the external users as well to be accessed via internet or VPN protocols.

SAAS based Model: The Software -As – A – Service model is available for clients who prefer Xeproof to manage the entire responsibilities. The fees structure will be based on the number of artworks, number of users and amount of data transfer. The set up of instances, server and hosting infrastructure management, server security management, ensuring high availability are handled by Xeproof.

The SAAS model of deployment clearly simplifies the application acquisition process, reduces the initial investments, save hardware costs, management costs, maintenance costs, database administration etc.

Under SAAS model, we manage the IT infrastructure for the application which leads to lower IT costs for hardware, software, and for the people needed to manage it all. The platform upgradation, newer versions of application software’s for server and database, constraints from other applications on the same server infrastructure etc. can create unwanted hurdles for a company.

SAAS pricing model can keep IT budget costs consistent or lower than packaged or homegrown software. Xeproof application will be thoroughly managed by it’s original developers and project team which keeps the application trouble free and bug free during the entire service period.

Please write to us to recommend the most suitable model for your organization. Include the number of artworks handled in an year, number of users in the approval process, number of departments, average versions till final approval, IT policy related to providing access to external vendors like Designers, pre-press, press etc.