MIS & Reporting

Xeproof has an email alert and notifications management, send out email to stake holders based on the actions on the system. This email is configured in a way that it updates only those need to know them. Emails are sending out instantly, daily and weekly basis, user can opt the frequency of the emails.

Xeproof has extensive reporting module, it generate reports based on brands, artwork types, initiator, approvers, status, date of initiation/approval etc. Artwork lifecycle reports, pending approval reports, approval rate of users. Reports specific to customers can be created, existing reports can be customised.

Xeproof has a basic search feature and extensive search feature to locate any artworks. Search features are very powerful and easy to use, users can locate artworks and assets from any status.

Xeproof helps to get the status update easily, the status of an artwork can be viewed in detail on the Track Status feature. History of an artwork can be viewed with individual users comments.