From Initiation of an artwork to final approval and beyond

Xeproof as a perfect artwork approval management solution, can ensure that the whole lifecycle of artwork management can be tracked by the initiators, approvers and administrators. Xeproof can be described through 6 modules, each of them are integral part of this brilliant workflow management solution. Even though the whole application can be customized, each of the modules are critical to the success of the software.

The 6 modules are User Management, Master Data Management, Artwork Initiation, Artwork Approval Process, Post Approval Process, MIS Reporting & Alerts. Read from below the details of each module.

  • User Management

    Setting up of the software starts from User and Role management, multiple users from different designations in a department can be properly configured. Users are Initiators, Approvers, Designers and Administrators. They all have pre-configure privileges to access the artwork, details at various stages. The external vendors like Ad agencies, design bureaus, pre-press, press users can also be configured. User management can be integrated with existing IT systems of the customer.

    Xeproof can seamlessly connect with ERP systems to sync data related to the Brands, SKU, and Packaging types, Purchase Order etc.

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  • Master Data

    Master data helps to properly arrange essential data that pre-requisites for an artwork brief. Xeproof has features to systematically configure those, and it helps to generate reports, search also for faster operations. Country, Business/product category, Brand, Artwork type and in case of packaging, packaging type (PET, Tetrapack, Carton, Sticker), packaging volume (SKU) are also relevant. Brand user mapping can be enabled for departments those have separate team for categories and brands.


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  • Artwork Initiation

    The artwork initiation process is the briefing to the designer about the artwork to be produced. Creating request for an artwork, description of brand/product with all details connected with it, instructions to the designer, contents to be placed in the artwork; brand oriented, regulatory, scientific or company specific, brief about the design concept, creative approach, attachments of text, images, reference artworks, reason for the artwork, Approvers of the artwork, deadline info etc. are covered in this part.

    The systematic information at the briefing stage allows the designer to create the artwork exactly to the instructions. This will help to have the perfect artwork at the first instance itself.

    Also the deadlines of artwork can be added. The form can be filled in and saved to draft. It can be filled by a team member and a senior team member can verify and initiate it.

    Xeproof has a form builder tool to create the artwork initiation form, which is a flexible tool that can create a new form, also copy another form already created. It also has features to edit; Add/Remove an item from all combinations or a group selected. This powerful feature helps to manage the initiation form building to be managed by Administrator.

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  • Review of Artwork

    Once the artwork version is uploaded by the Designer against a artwork request, the same goes for approval cycle. Designer can upload the PDF of the artwork. First it goes to the first department or group of departments selected on the workflow. The department users can review the artwork on the proofing applet.  The proofing applet has the features to zoom, rotate etc. Reviewers can annotate the changes required using the mark up tools, sticky etc. There are many features for this proofing applet to help proper review.

    After the review, they have to confirm either approval or rejection by filling the check list. An artwork can only be approved if  all the check list items are confirmed. If an artwork is to be rejected, then reason for rejection is to be filled in.

    After the review of a user, artwork will be available for others to review based on the rules of the workflow. When all mandatory users in a department completes the review, artwork goes to the next level. If anyone rejected the artwork can either go back to the artwork or to can continue the review of others. All these are policy decisions that can be implemented.

    The versions of artworks are controlled by the system, every artwork that goes for the review will increment a version. While reviewing, the users can view the comments from each version, each department, each user separately. This helps to collaborate between departments and users and eliminate any possible errors and confusions.


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  • Post approval Process

    After the approval of artwork by all mandatory departments and users in the same, it goes back to the designers to upload the hi-resolution print ready file. These files can be uploaded and send to external users by a designated department. It can be to Pre-press, Press, Packaging producers, media agency, publication etc.

    The files can be downloaded by them from the mail link. It can be served based on the general IT protocol followed by a company. The Files can be checked and processed and send back for another round of approval as well.

    The approved artwork can be made available to the respective plants also in case of packaging artworks. This will help them to access the approved artworks automatically after approval.

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  • MIS & Reporting

    Xeproof has an email alert and notifications management, send out email to stake holders based on the actions on the system. This email is configured in a way that it updates only those need to know them. Emails are sending out instantly, daily and weekly basis, user can opt the frequency of the emails.

    Xeproof has extensive reporting module, it generate reports based on brands, artwork types, initiator, approvers, status, date of initiation/approval etc. Artwork lifecycle reports, pending approval reports, approval rate of users. Reports specific to customers can be created, existing reports can be customised.

    Xeproof has a basic search feature and extensive search feature to locate any artworks. Search features are very powerful and easy to use, users can locate artworks and assets from any status.

    Xeproof helps to get the status update easily, the status of an artwork can be viewed in detail on the Track Status feature. History of an artwork can be viewed with individual users comments.

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