Why an artwork approval system?

The artwork approval is a sensitive process to be handled carefully with utmost precision. The accuracy of data, appropriate nature of graphics and design elements, Sizes, colour parameters, adherence to statutory framework, production standards, suitability to the substrate which it is produced are to be verified and satisfied by the approver.

The artwork might be for different purposes like advertisements, printed collaterals, Signage, packaging etc. The approval process assumes larger importance, as any lapses will turn to immense loss due to material wastage, damage to the reputation of brand and lead to legal actions from statutory institutions.

The challenges are to minimize the number of versions, to get the stamp of approval from all stakeholders at the earliest, by getting the artworks verified meticulously to make sure there does not exist any mistakes or deviations from the standard rules of the company.

The Online artwork approval systems will be a necessary tool for managing multiple numbers of brands, sub brands and product ranges. Also in case of packaging, the complexities increases with the Multiple SKU’s and Packaging formats of brands.

The Marketing/Brand divisions spend considerable time and effort in coordinating between various divisions, ad agencies, pre-press houses and printers to ensure creative and accurate outputs from these artworks. The numbers of artworks are increasing rapidly due to the change in market dynamics like frequent releases of advertisement, fragmentation of media and reasons like product SKUs, attractive packaging g types and the need to have innovations in packaging.

An artwork approval system is a must to have tool for brand owners, advertising agencies, publishers and print production companies. Following are the immediate benefits of an artwork approval system.

  • Approval activity becomes proactive and process driven than people driven or reactive.
  • Well-defined packaging artwork workflow management, approvals with step by step procedures.
  • Paperless processes, increases visibility to Senior Management, MIS reporting for audit trials.
  • Avoid errors and confusions caused by lapses in communication.
  • Reduces number of revisions by design agency, lesser-cost implications, saving of proofing expenses.
  • Managers to spend less time for approval/ initiation, since they have all relevant info within system.
  • Major savings due to lesser mistakes and errors, saving of senior manager’s time.
  • Complete record of who does approval and when.
  • Parallel Approvals reduces cycles of approvals, enables collaboration between approvers.
  • Timely alerts to team members about tasks to be done or pending.
  • Systematic brief and review comments to agency, allows agency to focus on creativity.
  • Brand managers being aware about the per-requisites to initiate an artwork request.
  • Better efficiency and shorter time be spent for the approval.
  • Easier to refer or share previously approved artworks, all the artworks are accessible at one place.
  • Complete ownership of all historic information and assets related to artwork
  • Easy to ensure all regulatory and mandatory checks, since system prompts checklists while approving
  • Marketing/Brand department can easily monitor the whole process and development without intervention
  • Ad agencies become accountable, and can respond efficiently to the tasks, since their performance become measurable

There artwork approval system also leads to Shorter time for approval cycle which leads to lesser time to market, Productivity and performance reports increases accountability, ensures work delegation, able to handle more artworks with same set of resources, easy to retrieve artworks of previous jobs.