Everything to manage the complete artwork approval flow

Xeproof has everything that is required in an online artwork approval software to manage the complete life cycle of artwork, it is most suitable for companies managing large number of artworks. The system seamlessly interconnect Brands, Products, Product Category, Product Category, which in turn provides totally flexible features.

  • User Management

    The robust and customisbale workflow engine enable the administrators to control the entire workflow and manage users and permissions with ease. The versatality of Role management and master data creation helps rapid set up, and the mapping strcuture limits the user to access to only permiotted areas.

    The users from the company are linked to products, agencies and it’s users are linked to Brands in common and eventually to each Product. The users can have various Roles, users from Company can be assigned with any User permissions via Role Management, thus selectively enable/restrict menu level access to each user.

    The user management has the flexibility to edit the user credentails, Enable/Deactivate, set permissions of any user with few clicks. System restrcits from cross assigning roles of company users and agency users to prevent lapses while administering the system.

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  • Project Tracking

    Xeproof provides an instant overview to every project and artwork approval stages. The system also let you to know detailed breakdown of status to identify if they are on time or behind schedule. This ultimately enable the managers to track and respond proactively and instantly. The designers are alerted to tasks with emails when approaching deadlines. Managers will bet updated of every activity in the process.

    The Xeproof generates all needed MIS reports; sorting with products, users, agencies, status etc. The listed Status in Xeproof are New Work Order, Iniatiated, Question Pending, Agency Accepted, Artwork uploaded, Pending approval, Approved. The name of status clearly represent the stage of artwor/work order across the cycle.

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  • Power of Digital Proofing

    The system uses unique combination of technology to handle proofing and annotation module. The poweful and graphics friendly Adobe Flex capabilities are embedded combining the versatality of XML tools. Together it delivers all the flexibilities inevitable for an approver to view, annoate, compare and approve an artwork. The Adobe’s colour reproduction features are utilised to produce exact colour matching, the rendering of PDF to enable clear reading of even smaller fonts, magnification capabilities upto 400% are few other key advantages.

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  • Enhanced Security Enabled

    Robust and fool proof security model to ensure relevant users only have access.Users, roles, permissions, products, agencies are mapped brillaintly to permitt access.
    It works by uploading the proof file once to the FTP, where it is held securely, so that no recipient (unless specially authorised), can have access to the actual file. The server then streams views of the active proof to the browser of each reviewer and approver. This provides an extremely secure method of collaborative proofing which is safer.

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  • Centralised Repository

    The Xeproof is the central repository for all the elements related to artwork workflow management. It will essentially have all historic and current set of Work orders generated, Templates saved, Artworks approved with detailed comments and versions, User audits, all users contact details, information about the products they are related with, and most importantly the status of each artwork.

    It is the answer to search and find any bottlenecks in the workflow, to quickly resolve confusions arises out them. It generates necessary reports about the status and responsibility of users connected to every product. Thus helps to easily find who is responsible if approval process is dragged beyond the schedules.

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  • User Interface

    The easy to use and multi featured tab like interfaces makes it a pleasure to work within Xeproof. The collapsable kind of tabs can be customised to the user point of view, can sort the tab contents in many ways, can access quicker from Dash Board. The interface can be matched with house colour of the company.
    Every user has their workspace to clearly view the Tasks and Updates relevant o them. Automated workspace prioritises and groups the user’s tasks in an easy to view.

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  • Upload/Download Features

    Permits pload of work order related diagrams, reference files, and artworks; Drag and drop for Artwork upload. Status bar while uploading, status update after completion, failure note if incomplete. Fully compliant for PC and Mac users. Controlled secure file download (permission managed) for the approved hires file. Can generate links to download the files to printers or for special approvals.

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  • Environment Friendly Proofing

    The packaging and print professionals are under pressure to reduce waste. With Xeproof Online artwork approval system, you are reducing the cost of courier/delivery as well as wasted paper and ink used for proofs. Imagine the savings against the industry average of 6 proof revision cycles for content and 3 cycles for contract proofing. Each of these requiring an amount of inkjet print outs and courier delivery. Virtual proofing eliminates the use of tonnes of ink, paper and fuel waste harmful to our environment.

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  • Feature rich and simple to manage

    Xeproof has everything that need to manage the complete cycle of artwork, it is most suitable for companies produce large number of artworks. The system seemlessly interconnect the Company, Brands, Products, Product Category, Product Category, which in turn provides totally flexible features.

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