Review of Artwork

Once the artwork version is uploaded by the Designer against a artwork request, the same goes for approval cycle. Designer can upload the PDF of the artwork. First it goes to the first department or group of departments selected on the workflow. The department users can review the artwork on the proofing applet.  The proofing applet has the features to zoom, rotate etc. Reviewers can annotate the changes required using the mark up tools, sticky etc. There are many features for this proofing applet to help proper review.

After the review, they have to confirm either approval or rejection by filling the check list. An artwork can only be approved if  all the check list items are confirmed. If an artwork is to be rejected, then reason for rejection is to be filled in.

After the review of a user, artwork will be available for others to review based on the rules of the workflow. When all mandatory users in a department completes the review, artwork goes to the next level. If anyone rejected the artwork can either go back to the artwork or to can continue the review of others. All these are policy decisions that can be implemented.

The versions of artworks are controlled by the system, every artwork that goes for the review will increment a version. While reviewing, the users can view the comments from each version, each department, each user separately. This helps to collaborate between departments and users and eliminate any possible errors and confusions.