Suits to Brand owners, Ad/ Design agencies and more

Xeproof is a web-based software suitable for approvals of artworks for many reasons. Be it for advertising, publishing, printed collaterals, signage, painting, products design, drawing, policy paper, web designs, email template etc. It’s a suitable buy for Brand owners, Advertising agencies, Design agencies, Pre-press/Pre-Media bureaus, Print Production presses, Large format printers, Web design companies and those dealing with many number of artworks.

Brand owners are the primary beneficiaries as the system can include the brand structure, guidelines and rules into the system so that they all are adhered and reported. The major sectors suitable are Companies in FMCG/CPG, Retail, Pharmaceutical companies, Food & Beverages, Alco-Beverages, Cosmetic and Banking/ Financial/Insurance institutions, who all deal with large number of artworks. They have complexities of languages, geographies, and multiple brands, statutory compliance, scientific and regulatory frameworks to be followed which increases the number of artworks. Xeproof as an Artwork approval system can streamline processes from the artwork initiation to final approval and even beyond to the stage of transferring the print ready artworks to the printing producer. Mostly they also need their in-house plants or contract manufacturer to be supplied with the approved artwork.

Advertising Agency networks, stand-alone agency boutiques, design outfits, packaging design specialists can all implement Xeproof with customization that suits to their business model and operating procedures. Production workflow management, complete Digital Asset Management for storing artworks, images, layout files etc are other extendible modules suitable for the advertising agencies.

The system can be extended with pre-flight checking, Sharing of approved artworks to network of dealers, artwork ordering process from branch networks, integration with SAP/ERP platforms etc.